A little bit of sad news…

So I was going through the backup I made of my old domain when I took it down, and I realized something important was missing. The databases. See, because I was using a content management system/blog, the actual content was stored in MySQL databases. I always figured that I would figure out some way of getting that the content, either by setting up an Apache server or figuring out a way to extract the data into a SQL Server database and recreate it myself (which sounds crazy, but for me would be easier than trying to get a web server up and running).

Apparently, the dbs weren’t backed up.

That means the entirety of my website – years of content for Tribe 8 and Jovian Chronicles – are gone. This includes the SilCore Wiki. For some reason, the Internet Archive has only one entry for the site and that contains no real content. I think it’s because I was using a CMS, which many crawlers won’t index because the URLs aren’t static. Fortunately, they do have entries for my original Tribe 8 site – luckily that was plain HTML. I should be able to get much of the Tribe 8 content back that way, or at least the content that I care about. Unless I luck out and stumble on the database files, however, the SilCore wiki is lost forever.

Oh well…live and learn I guess…

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