Character creation example

For this example, I’m going to choose Max – an Agnite Herite that I played in a Tribe 8 PBEM many, many moons ago.

Define character concept

Max’s concept is an Agnite Herite who is convinced that Joshua was killed simply for being the only guy amongst a bunch of girls. He doesn’t hate women, only the matriarchal society that has grown up under the Fatimas. He’s seen men get the short end of the stick too many times in Tribal society, and deep down just wants everyone to be equal.

For this, I will give Max a defining aspect of A Man Living in a Woman’s World.

Choose Kin Package

Max’s Kin Package is Fallen and costs 2 AP. His Kin Aspect is Fallen Agnite Herite with a Specialty Aspect of Banished From the Tribes (Empathy). He has the Synthesis (Eminence only) advantage to start with the Eminences Inspiration and Freedom.

Choose Character Aspects

I’m going to use the Aspect ABCs to choose Max’s Aspects.

Ambition: Prove Why Joshua Was Murdered

Max is convinced that Joshua was murdered simply because he was male, and his goal is to prove his belief.

Background: Failed as a Breeder

Once Max reached puberty, he was unable to…perform…as a Breeder. He knows Agnes controls who can become Breeders and that she caused him to get thrown in with the Barrens. That event prompted him to lash out, kill another Agnite, and escape Playground.

Convictions: Everyone Should Be Equal, Boobs Or Not.

This one is easy…Max believes that everyone should be equal, and that the matriarchal society perpetuated by the Fatimas needs to be destroyed.

Disadvantages: Too Mouthy For My Own Good

Max just sometimes doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

Choose Abiities

Max has 25 points to spend on abiltiies. He is a young (roughly 16 years old), fit and wiry – definitely not fullback material. He also isn’t full of a lot of social grace. Because of this, I’ll divide his abiltiies this way:

  • Agility 3
  • Endurance 3
  • Perception 2
  • Strength 2

  • Craft 2
  • Knowledge 2
  • Reasoning 2
  • Willpower 2
  • Deception 1
  • Empathy 2
  • Persuasion 2
  • Resources 2

Choose Specialty Aspects

Exceptional Skill: Joshuan Lore (Knowledge)

Max’s drive to learn exactly why Joshua was killed has given him an indepth knowledge about the Fatima and His Tribe.

Foes: Troy Fenys Has It Out For Me (Persuasion)

Max’s conviction that the Fatimas need to be eliminated doesn’t extend to killing Tribals. This puts him at odds with more extremist Herites, particularly Troy Fenys who goes out of her way to target Max during rants. Other actions have jeopardized some of Max’s efforts.

Gear: Custom Keeper-Made Wrist Crossbow

Max’s Keeper friend Go’nan has crafted a custom wrist crossbow for him.

Help: Go’nan the Keeper

Max has formed a friendship with a Keeper that lives on Hom, who enjoys Max’s youthful enthusiasm.

Inferior Skill: “Girls…who understands them anyway?” (Persuasion)

Max has a knack for saying the wrong thing around girls, a problem that is made worse around pretty girls or girls he likes.

Choose Advantages

Max already has the Synthesis Power (Eminence only) from his Kin Package, but has 4 more AP to spend. He is not really the type to use Conjunctional Synthesis, and in some ways feels that doing so risks strengthening the Fatimas somehow so we’re not going to buy the power up.  Max is lithe and very agile, as well as fearless, and his fighting style has a childlike quality (such as slipping between between an enemy’s legs). To represent this, he gets the advantages:

  • Fearless (1 AP)
  • Free Runner (1 AP)
  • Slippery Combatant (2 AP)

Choose Starting Equipment

Besides his wrist crossbow, Max needs a few things. Go’nan is able to provide Max with some higher TL equipment, so this enables Max to get a unit of penetrator ammo. Next he needs some way to defend himself when things get too close and personal. A short sword looks good for this purpose. To keep him from getting too banged up, a set of patchwork leather and hide armor works well. These are rounded out by a pair of good quality relic goggles and a Joshuan talisman that he’s found.

2 thoughts on “Character creation example

  1. This is a great character, Wil! The SoF rules for character creation combined with your very clear character concept have produced someone who feels both very real and already in motion.Nice work.


  2. Thanks! I was pretty pleased with the results…I'm probably going to write up more here and there. They'll eventually make it on to the wiki as more concise character write-ups.


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