Sample Physical Consequences

Silhouette uses wound levels, so a number of years ago Edwyn Kumar came up with a list of descriptions for various wounds. I’ve resurrected the list and split them into suggested categories for physical Consequences.


  • Bit Tongue
  • Blood In Eyes
  • Foot Stomped On
  • Headache
  • Loose Teeth
  • Ringing Ears
  • Ripped Fingernail
  • Skinned Knee
  • Stiff Neck
  • Watering Eyes
  • Broken Nose
  • Broken Ribs
  • Broken Toe
  • Dislocated Finger
  • Dislocated Jaw
  • Hernia
  • Ripped Tendons
  • Twisted Knee
  • Detached Muscle
  • Lost An Ear
  • Major Bleeding
  • Severed Nerve
  • Shattered Kneecap
  • Collapsed Lung
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Lost an Eye
  • Uncontrollable Bleeding

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