Possible rules changes

So, I found a tool that seems to do the job nicely (SmartDraw), and I’ve gotten further in a half hour than I got in hours futzing around with Word.

But when I put the stress tracks in, I realized I have six distinct stress tracks. It made me kind of rethink things a bit to see if it can possibly be simplified.

I know I can subsume Spirit into Equilibrium. They’re really almost the same thing, and having them be separate is really a holdover from Silhouette and not really something that is hardwired into the setting. It just means that Consequences need to reflect the source (i.e., Synthesis backlash vs. spirit combat).

Barter is the other one I’m looking at, and it’s a sticky-wicket. Technically it represents the goods and services that the character has available to them – either directly on hand or because of things that are owed to them by others. Subsuming it into Social makes some amount of sense. The character’s social relationships are going to directly impact the character’s ability to get things. The problem is that Social can’t reasonably cover what the character actually has, and currently Barter as a separate stress track does both things nicely. I’m very much tempted to leave that alone and just combine Equilibrium and Spirit.

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