Keeper Kin Package options

The Keeper Kin package that I put in Strands of Flesh and Spirit is a very generic one. It works for generic Keepers that are not often in the spotlight, but players wishing to play Keepers or GMs wishing to feature them may not want them to be so homogenuous. This can be accomplished by multuple Kin Aspects, similar to how Fallen and Tribals are broken out.

The five major divisions of Keepers are:

  • Olympus
  • Junkyard
  • Machine Monk
  • Derelict
  • Bunker

Unlike Fallen and Tribals, the ability for their Kin Aspect stays the same (Craft).  Instead, it is their Specialty Aspect and Advantages that change depending on the specific Kin Aspect.

Specialty Aspect: Keeper of the World Before (Knowledge)
Advantages: Choose between Academic,, Engineer or Gear Head.

Specialty Aspect: Rust Wastes (Knowledge)
Advantages: Choose between Gear Head, Scavenger, or Wheel Man.

Machine Monk
Specialty Aspect: Metal Over Flesh (Craft)
Advantages: Choose between Gear Head, Scavenger, or Engineer.
Note that Machine Monks often have some level of  prosthetic replacement, implanted devices, grafted armor and other attempts at mechanical improvement. While many of these can be simulated with Aspects, it is possible for a Machine Monk character to have Heroic Advantages or even Powers to represent their improvements.

Specialty Aspect: Vimary Is Our Birthright (Resources)
Advantages: Choose between Scavenger, Survivalist, or Wheelman

Specialty Aspect: Descendant of the World Before (Resources)
Advantages: Choose between Academic, Book Worm or Engineer.
Note that Bunker Keepers tend to be rather eccentric (if not downright insane) as the result of decades or longer spent sealed away from the outside world. This typically has less to do with inbreeding and more to do with the extremely close living conditions, scarcity of resources and social structures that arose from those conditions.

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