Playing with the Z’bri

I’m working on the Z’bri section of my adaptation, and in trying to present them as being highly individual – and reinforce not using cookie-cutter templates for them – I decided to come up with a distinctly Z’bri toned Aspect alphabet. I like the results.

“A” is for Appetite
What does the Z’bri have a penchant for? Small children? That moment when skin separates from muscle? Something more mundane like fear or rage?

“B” is for Bane

What is preventing the Z’bri from accomplishing its goals? What weaknesses does it have?

“C” is for Cabal

What groups or secret societies does the Z’bri have affiliations with?

“D” is for Dominion
What resources does the Z’bri have control of? What is its sphere of influence?

“G” is for Gifts
What is the Z’bri particularly good at? Does it possess any artifacts or other talismans?

“I” is for Impurity
What is the Z’bri not very good at doing? Does it have any handicaps?

“M” is for Machinations
What is the Z’bri plotting? What is their end goal?

“N” is for Nemesis
Who opposes the Z’bri? Who has the Z’bri opposed?

“T” is for Thralls
Z’bri don’t have friends, and their allies are only of convenience. Who does the Z’bri hold power over? Who can they force to come to their aid or take some action on their behalf?

P.S., for anyone that isn’t aware the document is accessible from the link in the “Links” section of the right-hand sidebar. The document is a bit of a mess at times, and is subject to near constant editing. The initial sections on character creation, Synthesis, Technosmithing, etc. are pretty much complete – I just need to get the write ups of the various Synthesis Aspects done once I finish the section on the Z’bri. Going is slow sometimes because I have to hunt down references from three or more different books (for example, with the Z’bri I am looking at Tribe 8 1st edition, 2nd edition and Horrors of the Z’bri).

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