Juniper’s Journals: Old Friends

I am reposting the original Juniper’s Journals that appeared on Edwyn Kumar’s website Rusted Sky and later on Dreams of Flesh and Spirit.

Entry 1

Junks was as alive as always, with shoulder to shoulder people. I was given the dangerous task of navigating the sea of Fallen to obtain a drink. Smoke and b.o. created an interesting aroma among the laughter and arguments of the room. I was shoved accidentally from behind and, like anyone who wants to survive more than two minutes, ignored the intrusion. Barber slid me a couple of mugs of frothy orange liquid called Rust. It tasted like its name but after a couple who cared?! By that time, the flavor, pains and sorrows of your life drift away. B-lining towards the hall leading to the side chambers, I found myself pausing as a long forgotten face caught my eye. I gazed at her scrawny composure which gave away an attitude about twice her size and smiled. Her arrogant, aggressive, and all out dangerous behavior was bound to get her exiled and here she was, the place all outcasts end up – Junks on the island of Hom.

Slipping my way through the chaos, I neatly slid behind her and whispered into her ears.

“I knew you were always a whore Chigger.”

She spun around and just before I felt her grabbing fingers on my most vital of areas, recognition drew across her face.

Chigger and I were old friends. She stood about a head shorter than me but you couldn’t tell with the way she wore her hair. All tied out at odd angles; lined with wire and barbs so it wouldn’t be a disadvantage in a fight. I relieved her tension with a smile and she did likewise. ” I’m surprised you’re still alive!” she spit back at me.

“Give me some faith, Chigger. . . I’m surprised you didn’t show up earlier and who’s your friend?” I inquired.

The tall robed figure beside her spun at my query and looked at me with cold removal. In the name of Joshua could it be true?! One of Dahlias prodigy, here, among the Fallen? I tried to feign my surprise as she removed her cowl shedding light on those beautiful lips.

Cindra. Chiggers eldest sister had been cast out along side her.

“Cindra?” I asked.

“It’s Cinder,” she snapped ” ‘Cindra’ was someone else.”

I covered my ass and said I’ll call her whatever she wanted and if that meant she was Cinder now, than so be it. I told them I would get them a drink and that I was with some friends in a side room. Not like they really knew their way around Hom anyway, so I figure why not show them around a bit, introduce them to a few of my close associates. Maybe Mana would warm to them and we’d all be a nice happy cell in a pit of hell. Besides, what else was I doing today?

So that’s how it all began. Welcome to my journal and watch your step.

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