Juniper’s Journals: The Judgement

Entry 2

Well it seems that the crew was interested in checking out things around Hom.

After getting into some trouble at the wheel ( Chigger wanted to keep a momento), we went to the Bridge and up to the pullies. On our the way down the lift cable snapped but everyone came out okay. Later that night it seemed as though all hell was going to break lose on the island. There was a riot forming near the hallows. Someone caught a Diplomat Spy near Ile Perdue. The crowd was going to tear her apart, but Deus stepped in front of the mob and said we were civilized folk, not animals. He said it nicer than that, but you get my point.

The mass was divided in what to do then the most amazing thing happened. Chigger stepped through the people and extended her hand to the spy! A child, in the eys of those around her, was the only one who took the initiative.

They took her to the Cage and Kymber Reva addressed the assembly. They decided her fate was to be death, but Deus said at least it happened in a civilized manner; the judgement that is. They decapitated her on the steps to the temple and everyone went home.

The next day, we decided to go investigate Bazaar. Bastion was going to guide us to a Skyrealm he knew of and Mana was just frothing to scout one out. So off we went.

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