The Skyrealms

Entry 3

Mana and I decided to scout out the area Bastion said the Skyrealm was located in. It turned out to be near the Sunken City on the south side of Bazaar.
It was a real tall building with no outer walls. Some said these kind of structures were once fully enclosed with glass but I found that hard to believe. Cinder, Bastion and Chigger were going to get us some rope and food in case we needed to camp out in the skyrealm. Torches or lanterns were also going to be a good idea. Mana and I found the place surrounded with brambles. After a quick search we noticed a raised are of cement that let us crawl under the thorny bushes. We climbed and searched the first nine or so levels with not much exciting happening. The place was a littered with debris and broken garbage from the walls and ceilings. That’s when we heard something. Mana went to check the noise, it sounded like footfalls a level up from us. Little trails of dust fell from the ceiling that betrayed the passers path above us. That’s when we heard the others calling to us from outside.

I waved them to come in through the gap in the thorns and when they reached our position I told them to be quiet. Mana had darted ahead to see if she could find the source of the noise and we soon followed her as she sprinted after the now running target. We couldn’t see them but we could hear them. We chased our prey up several floors until a barricade gave us only one option; to go through a fastened door. Slowly exploring what must have been about sixteen or seventeen flights up, is when everything fell apart. Chigger decided to go down a small silver tunnel placed up in the wall. Bastion and I went further into the complex of hallways and rooms. After, I was told, Chigger found a nasty hive of honey bees that had foot and a half warrior-bee guards that gave them a nice chase out of there. The hive apparently covered the entire inside shafts of the building, with honeycombs the size of your upper body! While the girls were busy dealing with the bugs, Bastion and I found a lift that seemed to be in working order. Everything went dark on me and I lost my footing and fell into the lift. It rose before I could gain my senses and stopped on a floor several levels higher. I was surrounded by freaky looking people who smelled real bad and spoke in a different tongue. They grabbed me and that’s all I remember. At least until IT showed up– The Z’Bri!

The others told me that they fought through the ‘Serfs’ as Bastion called them, and some bestial mutant creature that almost ate Chigger. They found me in a room made of bone walls, pinned to the floor by ribs protruding from the floor. I was completely incapacitated and not really certain of things. Everything seemed distant and sounds echoed around me. I could hear Bastion trying to soothe me with his Magdalite ways. Visions of what had occured seemed blurred and incoherent. I remember feeling its lips. Feeling its caresses on my body. I remember feeling the need to release, though I didn’t want to. I remember feeling. . . feeling like I wanted to die, because pain unbearable came from my pleasure. It changed me that creature. I fear it. I dread it.

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