Vimary zone map, part 2

I’ve gone through and redone the zone map. It has some notations that are going to go along with the write-ups of each Zone. The nutshell version is:

Size: Represents how large the zone is. At campaign scale, this equates to the number of hours it takes to travel through the Zone to another Zone at a good pace.

Resources: The difficulty of scavenging to find Resources in the Zone. This number is added to the difficulty of any scavenging rolls.

Threat: How innately dangerous the Zone is. Every full day spent in the zone requires a standard roll plus Threat vs. an appropriate Ability (typically Perception or Agility). The amount the roll fails is the stress the character(s) take.

Finally, there are little circles with arrows and a number. This is the border cost to leave or enter the Zone. The short explanation is that under normal travel, it simply adds to the time taken to travel. Depending on the type of Border and any Specialty Aspect it has, crossing the border may be more complicated.

Finally, each of these values can (and should) have a Specialty Aspect to further define them.

I’ll be doing a more detailed write-up of how this all works very, very soon.

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