Juniper’s Journals: Healing and Horror Stories of the Watch

4th Entry

I dosed off and later found myself being tended to by Bastion. We were out of the Skyrealm and he told me the ribs just let me go and a path out was easy after that. No sign of any Serfs either. I was very sore and they took me to the Temple where I was tended to. It took about a week to get me up and around because of my skinless back and I’m sure I’ll have a BIG scar. The others told me that when they were in Bazaar, before the Skyrealm episode, they witnessed a Watch patrol chasing a Fallen man and woman. The woman was obviously pregnant,’.. because of her big, fat, wobbly stomach.’ said Chigger. The Watch cornered them in a derelict building and then, well. . . the Captain stabbed the lady in the gut. They tried to help but confronting the Watch is dangerous on the best of days, so my cell mates stuck back in the shadows. With the same bloody dagger, she slashed the husbands neck as he loooked on in horror. These were real people! Slain like pigs. The lady was still alive and she was bloody all over. Her life energy was fading real fast and Cinder said Bastion made her at ease before she passed away. Definitely something is going on with the Watch. We’ll have to find that out once I’m back on my feet. We have to! The Skyrealm I was told also lead to a network of tunnels under Bazaar! How pervasive are the Z’Bri? Why doesn’t anybody care?

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