Juniper’s Journals: Sad Times in Hom

Entry 5

Word got out this week that a Rant for the opening of Spring was going to take place. We decided to take part and see what the Eighth Tribe was doing as a whole to get organized this year. The crowd was a motley assortment of people of all ages and all tribal backgrounds. There were Fallen, standing on boxes and crates, screaming their versions of what we needed to do to find our destined path. Mainly they were just entertainment. The real speakers would take their place inside the Cage among the official ceremonies.

We found a comfortable area to stand on the main level while the catwalks and upper levels started to fill with people. Some influential members of the Tribe were seen discussing matters; Deus, Altara Ven, Den Hades and Kymber Reva among the renowned. The Wraith was not witnessed but that was to be expected. She always made a grand entrance in the past, and this Rant was not to be different. The proceedings began with a reading of ‘The Manifesto of the Fallen’ as most Rants do. Some songs were also sung by the mass which denoted our thanks as a people to the closing of Winter and the gift of Summer. A song about our connection to the Goddess was a popular and powerful addition to this Rant. It was written by a poet named Emulaan and will definitely be a regular aspect of future gatherings. Kymber Reva said some words about the state of Hom and the outlook of our status as a Tribe. She had a very charismatic yet forceful tone which lent strength to her audience. Deus spoke of the coming season with hope and ambition, sending ripples of expectation among us. Altara Ven raised thoughts of unity and foundation which met with some dismay and quiet murmurs. The Fallen were outcasts and rebels; not easily taken to words which hint at a status-quo. Veruka the Wraith had a very moving performance where she recounted the Prophecy of Joshua. Her silent, stalking demeanor rose to an epiphany ; Joshuas intensity of Spirit seemed to pervade the air. No Dahlian could come close to the performance we witnessed from the aged Yagan that night.

The alter was given over to open speeches, after the official business had been taken care of. Some spoke of uniting against the Seven Deaths while others professed a need to establish the Eighth Tribe among them. Jackers attempted to sway a raise of arms against the Z’Bri whilst Doomsayers conveyed prophecies and things to come. Cinder even went up and told the assembly of the Watch’s actions against our people and how they slew the defenseless pregnant woman . Cinder looked great up there, possessed with drive and purpose. All in all it was an uplifting experience. . .at least until it ended.

At junks and other places around Hom, arguments, squabbles and challenges to arms were taking place over the details of the evenings events. Differences in opinion blew into hostilities among us and a feeling of tension grew as the night went on.

Cinder, Bastion and Chigger left for Ile Perdue to obtain some hard to get hallucinogens called ‘Release’. I don’t know what happened, but Chigger came back in tears and Cinder didn’t come back at all. She camped out somewhere and we searched for her the next day after Bastion came back to ‘The Bin’ in the morning. Apparently she just wandered off and left the other two behind. I really wonder what happened in Ile Perdue. It can get the best of even strong willed and stable people like me; if you’re not ready. Chigger’s so young and Cinder doesn’t seem like the type. I’ll find out sooner or later, but they’re both upset about it so I won’t push it. They’ll tell me when they’re ready, I hope.

On an up note , I did get a large table for ‘The Bin’. Chigger and I are in the process of carving a cool series of designs on it. I sure hope she can carve.

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