Juniper’s Journals: The Hive: Honey Sweet and Good to Eat!

Entry 11

“What!?” was my first response.

Here’s the story as they told it…

They went into Bazaar, and as we had expected it was still in shambles after the rust storm of the century. They had little, if no trouble finding the beginning of the map, which started in a trade emporium, near a water fountain. They followed its trail ( still unmolested ) to a large underground hallway, that was extremely wide and lined with pipes on smooth walls. Still, without any resistance, they came to a large, wide red door, made of metal. No guards! Then it opened with a grating sound and two people came out, cloaked and secretive. They moved by them with no hassles! Before the door shut again, they snuck within and entered a small room with a single set of stairs leading towards a larger room with a circling balcony. The room was sparsely filled with Tribals. All kinds of Tribals! Now, they said they were disguised but still . . . no guards, no questions, no nothing. Piece of cake!

Within, they apparently witnessed a secret meeting, lead by a judge of TeraSheba. He spoke of an Agenda and a Date! Very cryptic and in secret coded terms according to Chigger. After hearing enough to get the gist that something big and underground was going on, they left. Again, without any resistance!

The girls justified that no-one would find this place by accident. You either knew about it, or you didn’t. Sounded good to me.

Here’s where everything gets a bit confusing. They decided to stay the night, as it was getting late, so camped out in an abandoned building. That’s when Chigger saw the kid. The one that led her from the Hive the first time! Slash said they should follow him, that way they would know another way in for when we come back to kill the Z’Bri!

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! . . . they did. The stupid twits followed him. Right into the depths of the under tunnels of Bazaar. Did I say stupid?!

Well apparently down there, they saw the freak-a-zoids harvesting fungi and mushrooms. No hassles! Still! The cake was being eaten in big gulps at about this point. Chigger saw Adam, a Fallen Agnite that Bastion often looks out for, running with a bunch of others down a parallel tunnel. Stupid Chigger ran after him! Only a couple of slices of cake left at about this point!

The kids cornered Chigger and Cinder, Slash apparently lost in the maze behind them. Chigger asked Adam what he was doing here.

Adam responded, ” Hoping you’d come back, my kittens!”

Thanks be to the Goddess, because that’s when Slash showed up.

‘ Hurray, we’re saved,’ you might think? Think again.

Slash walked up and joined Adam and the other children. She was a part of the Z’Bri’s twisted games! Chigger tried her best to speak with the real Slash, but all they heard was the sweet tongue of Eshlazi. I don’t know how they fast talked their way outta there, but if someone could do it, it was a Dahlian, Fallen or not.

Not wanting to risk anymore time in Bazaar, under the skyrealms, they headed for home in the darkness of night. Night is a scary place under the best of circumstances and that night was far from reaching that goal. No more cake for them at this point. They were waylayed by a bunch of Zoms, likely rotted corpses, dead from the illness a few days passed. From what they said, they were next to coming face-to-face with Baba Yaga and her death crew, when unlikely rescuers showed up. A decimated Dahlian caravan . . . Chigger and Cinder’s uncle and family, Emron. His fast whistling arrows, a lit with flame, saved their sorry butts. They spent the night with them, heard a few lectures, and generally had a very tense time of it.

Good! They screwed up and Slash was paying for it! So here we are . . . looking at these two sorry excuses for scouts and saying . . . ” What?!”.

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