I just can’t leave well enough alone (Exploration, part 2)

So I’ve been chewing and chewing on my tables, trying to reduce the number of tables and make things flow the way I want them to. I crunched a whole bunch of data on land use from various cities to come up with something that looks and feels about right. It led me to scrap the tables I had previously and come up with a single table subtypes.

The new table uses 5DF instead of 4DF because it’s more granular and breaks down easily into the blocks that I need. I wanted to stay with 4DF as a nod to staying “standardized” but the dice for the tables aren’t read in the standard fashion so I figured it isn’t that bad.

Here’s what the first table looks like so far:

There will be sub tables for each to get the specific building type. The table structure sacrifices leanness of the types of areas for having to roll on fewer tables (2 instead of 3 or more) and gives more freedom from the setup I had before.

EDIT: Here’s the first of the subtables. Took me 20 minutes to throw together. I’ve decided to color code the areas so that it’s easier to tell which labels belongs to which

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