So no Dishonored for me

At least until I get Windows re-installed on my secondary drive. This is the second SSD I’ve had fail – both OCZ Vertex 2s. I guess they’re not the most reliable things on the planet, as the first lasted about 14 months before it croaked and the replacement lasted about 2 1/2 months. I love the speed of an SSD, but the cautionary tale here is the extra $100 or whatever that’s saved by going with a cheaper brand is more than compensated for by the flakiness of the drive. Meanwhile, the secondary drive that will get pressed into service is a Western Digital SATA drive that must be well over 6 years old. It’s slow, and noisy, but perfectly serviceable. When I get the new SSD back, I’m not even going to put it back in as the system drive. I’ll wait until I can get a newer, more reliable drive and even then I might have second thoughts.

EDIT: OCZ responded back and said they would upgrade the drive, most likely a Vertex 3. I asked if they could make it a V4, because I know several people who have them and haven’t had any issues.

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