Cara Gray’on (sample character)

Cara Gray’on is a Joanite Templar from a minor offshoot of the Uhan’on clan. She was a Blade for number of years, serving along the Seven Fingers. While leading a raid on a Serf settlement in the No Man’s Land between Vimary and Hl’kar, Cara and her fellow Blades were attacked by Z’bri defending the village. Many of the Joanites died in the first few minutes of the battle, and the survivors sought refuge in a mostly collapsed ruin. Cara defeated a monstrosity made up of the corpses of her Joanite sisters in single combat and,  unlocking an unknown potential for powerful Synthesis, successfully drove back the Melanis Iv’chet leading the defenders. For her devotion and bravery, Joan made Cara a Templar on the spot – an unusual, but not unheard of, move on the Fatima’s part. For Cara it was a bittersweet triumph, as her longtime companion Selia was killed in the battle.

Since becoming a Templar, Cara has joined the small number of voices speaking out against Judge Cylix Seth’on and the burgeoning Watch. She believes the creation of the Watch was misguided at best and a blatant power grab at worst. She sees what happened to her in Hl’kar as a symptom of a Nation that is becoming complacent and opening itself up to a large-scale incursion by the Z’bri. Her opposition to the Watch has made her a small number of influential allies in the Grand Council, but also attracted the attention of much more powerful political adversaries in the form of both Cylix Seth’on and Shaman Storm Cry. Of late Cara has noticed that Joanites Blades are disappearing in small numbers – not enough to raise suspicion that it is nothing other than the normal risks Blades take, but still enough to worry her. All of these factors are making it harder and harder for her to ignore her principles when she sees abuse by the Watch or remain silent while Joanite battle readiness deteriorates.

Character Aspects

  • Templar of Joan
  • Tribal
  • Opposes the Watch
  • Handpicked by Joan
  • “The Z’bri cannot be ignored”
  • Blames Herself For Selia’s Death

Specialty Aspects

  • Joanite (Strength)
  • Devotion (Dream)
  • Fury (Dream)
  • Exceptionally Strong Dreamer (Willpower)
  • Blade Blessed By Joan (Resources)
  • Many Sisters Within the Blades (Resources)
  • Blinded By Principles (Persuasion)

Physical: Agility: 2; Endurance: 2; Perception: 2; Strength 3
Mental: Craft: 1; Knowledge: 2; Reasoning: 2; Willpower: 2
Social: Deception: 1; Empathy: 2; Persuasion: 2; Resources: 1
Affinity: Dream: 3


Power Advantages:

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