Tribe 8 Extras (and thoughts on a project name)

Tribe 8 in Fate Core is coming along nicely. It’s gotten to the point where I have to plan what portions I  need to draft out in terms of Extras. Tribe 8 is a rich and well-developed setting, and there’s temptation to assign aspects and stress tracks to everything, which goes against what I’m trying to accomplish. Here is that preliminary list of Extras I think are absolutely necessary. 

  1. Locations. Tribe 8 has a number of locations that deserve to be Extras because they have a distinct character and theme. Some, like Hom or Bazaar, play integral parts to Tribe 8’s story. These places will get the “Extra” treatment, but I won’t do it for all of them as I did for Strands of Flesh and Spirit.
  2. The River of Dream. The need for this can’t be overstated. There’s a reason the River of Dream has a whole sourcebook devoted to it.
  3. Armor and weapons. I’m not wanting to make them too detailed or fiddly, but there is a difference between a flint knife, an artifact sword made from Joan Herself, and a Keeper rifle. However, there’s not much difference between the flint knife, a length of pipe, and a makeshift spear. The same goes for armor. The idea will be to paint them in broad strokes and not sweat the unimportant things.
  4. Survival. The Tribes have it pretty good, but it still isn’t easy. The Fallen have it a lot worse and the Squats aren’t much better off than the Fallen. Food, fresh water, clothing, shelter and other necessities are constant needs that drain time and resources for everyone. It’s just a matter of striking a balance between a dull subsystem or an entertaining one.
  5. Status/Reputation. This is something that was lacking from Tribe 8, but in a post-apocalyptic tribal setting reputation is pretty much the only currency you have. I’ve become convinced the designers missed the boat on dropping barter in as a simple substitute for a typical game economy, and doing retcons in later books to create a monetary system was a step in the wrong direction. It’s not about what you have to barter or what you’re bartering for – it’s all about your standing in the social group. Hunter Gatherer Games has some fantastic things to say on the matter. Tangentially, through them I found a link to a continuation of The Fifth World, which I discovered a few years ago and thought was an interesting project.
  6. Spirits. Tribe 8 gives Spirits the “just give them some stats” treatment, so I’d like to expand on  their capabilities quite a bit.

As for what to call this project…there’s a long tradition of incorporating system name for Fate-based games:  Spirit of Vimary, Strands of Flesh and Spirit. Each one fits quite well. This time around I want to incorporate Fate into the name. Some possibilities include Fate of Flesh and Spirit, Fate of Vimary, or Tribe Fate. I’ve also considered naming it Rusted Sky in tribute to a website run by one of the Tribe 8 authors, or just falling back on my signature name, Dreams of Flesh and Spirit.

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