A Little Dose of Reality

Some people (well, two) seem to think I only write about Dark Phoenix Publishing. My reaction is to write this which probably doesn’t help. But I love data and decided to pull together some word counts. If I get really bored later I’ll make a line graph.

Since 12/26/2012 on this blog I have written 11,083 words on other subjects and 9,654 words about Dark Phoenix Publishing. At first blush this doesn’t seem favorable. Once I fold in the two static pages dedicated to Dark Phoenix Publishing it really looks like they’re right: 14,734 words dedicated to this embattled “publishing company.”
But there’s more. I have another blog, Dreams of Flesh and Spirit, dedicated to Tribe 8. Since 12/26/2012, I have written 6619 words on DFS for a total of 17,702 words.
But that’s not all. In various documents on Google Docs I’ve written an additional 8,848 words for a grand total of 26,550 words. That’s roughly 54 letter sized pages.
So, about 55.5% of the content I’ve written on blogs or documents – from 12/26/2012 forward – has been about Dark Phoenix Publishing. It’s way more than I originally expected or intended and isn’t something I would say I am “happy” about, any more than I am ever “happy” about fixing SQL bugs. It’s something that needed to be done. It is also a situation that isn’t going to persist.
On the positive side an average of 589 words per day for the past 70 days certainly is nothing to sneeze at, no matter what the subject matter. Not enough to finish NaNoWriMo but respectable nonetheless.

EDIT: It seems that the douchecanoe brigade wants to twist this around into my saying I spend “55% of my time stalking Dark Phoenix Publishing.” Pshaw. If I spent 55% of my time stalking anything it would be Scarlett Johansson.

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