A to Z Blogging Challenge

Welcome to anyone coming from the A to Z Blogging Challenge bloghop. This is a general tabletop role playing blog on a variety of subjects, with some other not strictly gaming related posts occasionally thrown in. The gaming content tends to center on a system called Fate Core, which finished an extremely successful Kickstarter and will be out later this year. All of those posts are collected up under the label Fate Core. The second thing this blog is known for is commentary and criticism of a company called Dark Phoenix Publishing. Those posts are collected up under the label Dark Phoenix Publishing.  For those wanting a little drama, those might be a good place to start.

One thought on “A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Best of luck with the challenge! I believe there are several gaming blogs who sign up every year, so hopefully you are able to connect with several.Great work making it through the first week! Three to go. :)~Alana @ writercize.blogspot.comCheering you on from A through Z!


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