Songs of Life and Dream

Note: I’m not sure exactly who originally wrote these, but I believe it was Edwyn Kumar.

Jacker Affirmation
Shadowed with beauty
Eyes of fire and ambition
In my path step not
My destiny is mine alone
For none to touch
Nor manipulate, foul hands
Shiver, fear comes
Grows as their souls shrivel
Death is quick
Yet just
I will be forever
Time will not touch this
Body and soul eternal
Bow before me, even
If you know me not
I am the ultimate power
Feel my wrath 
Song of the Goddess
Pain you have felt
Lost ,alone in the years that pass
Children falling
From the graces
We can see that
our dreams are what will guide us now
Visions of times
We shall create
Your hand a guide
The light our beacon in the night
Leading towards
Freedom and life
(chorus) The age has come
For us to fight
Our foes will fall
Falling into the night
(repeat once)
Bringing us back
To the rise of our destiny
Spirit and soul
Become as one
From the graces which we shall create
Freedom and life become as one.
(Spoken in harmony with chorus repeated three times)

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