Musings of a Z’bri

Originally written by Edwyn Kumar

“Leave it to humans to need explanations in matters of sex. We are imposed upon the flesh and take the pleasures of yoursz and organz with delightfulness. Are we the manifestation of a feminine or masculine emotional ‘Sundering’ created by the darkness of your minds? Yes, that and more. I am in my rage, full of ‘she-ness’ and in my perversion, complete in ‘both a gender’. I am in my vengeance ‘him’ among you, for that duality is where the strength residez!

“We are NOT withering. You who keep us trapped in the flesh will feel itz sinfulness. When I tempt you I am a child, when I caress you I am a mother, when I scold you I am fear incarnate! My ages here has instilled in my frigid soul a love deeper than you can fathom; more rich than your hatred for me could achieve. I lay the ‘Seed’ within you …do you doubt your destiny? That doubt is my offspring, your dread my milk. With every poisonous thought you possess I grow and as your shadow fans my soul with fire, your action gives birth to my kin.

“Death is such a mystery to you humanz. You are blinded by the ‘light’ that falls from your Fatimas. They are your threshold where we have none. You cry for your ignorance and hide from your knowledge. Monsters we are and progeny are you. Before we leave this cursed, vile land, your kind will know… Never again will we go unheeded or shunned by the race. We prosper in death as you await our return.

“I know your dreams and have visited you, for your mind swims with visionz, tracing paths among the dreaming like fireflies in the night. There are so many beautiful things, so much ecstasy to engage; to crush. My prison of flesh is my reward!

“When you awake dreamer, know that I was here among you, and never forget that it is we that are your release!”

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