Successful Kickstarters!

In the past few days, a couple of very cool Kickstarters have wrapped up. Last week was Jason Pitre’s Spark rpg. Today was Godmachine Production’s Apotheosis Drive X. They were very successful, not only in terms of blowing away their funding goals but in the buzz that they generated. Both products showed an enormous amount of potential during their Kickstarters and I’m sure they will live up to it when they are released. Spark has even picked up an Apotheosis Drive X setting write-up for cross-promotion goodness. With ADX’s setting anthology, there will be more Fate Core-based mecha goodness than I’ll know what to do with. Spark does what Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth tried to do, but without all the terminology and obtuseness and hundreds of pages. For my part, I have a setting I pitched for ADX as well as a Tribe 8 write-up for Spark in the pipeline.

There are other really good Kickstarters going on if you’re feeling like you missed out on Spark or ADX, or just need to spend more money. Trigger Happy, Invulnerable and Short Order Heroes are well worth checking out.

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