Corollary to Things I Hate In RPGs

I realized there is a corollary (or set of them) to the things I hate in RPGs. This is mostly aimed toward game designers and publishers

1. Don’t claim that your RPG is realistic, historically accurate or well-researched and then make stupid mistakes that prove it isn’t. Especially don’t make that claim and then write it takes five minutes and an armorer to clear a jammed assault rifle (Vampire: Undeath, I’m looking at you).

Also, deadEarth

2. Don’t tell me how your game is only limited by my imagination. It’s a role playing game. That’s kind of what it already does.

3. Don’t claim your game has a super innovative mechanic, only to have it turn out it’s the same thing used in a dozen other roleplaying games. Especially if you’re going to claim it’s something like being able to choose to dodge, attack or parry. It just reminds me of this:

4. Don’t tell me that your game is dark, or horrific, or gritty, or anything else without having something other than “Because I said so, look at the fonts!” to back it up.

“Do you have anything blacker?”

5. For the love of God don’t tell me how your game “encourages roleplaying.” See #2. It’s already a fucking roleplaying game.

6. DO tell me if your game has limited options. Like if it’s a science fiction game but missing the starship combat rules, or it’s a game about playing three mice stuck in a mouse trap pondering the futility of their existence. I like to know these things up front.

Especially if one of those options is this

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