KIckstarter (Or What Happened To My Self Control)

Apparently I’m exactly the kind of sucker people who Kickstart rpg projects want to have. I typically can’t back at a really high level, but I get swept up in the hype and excitement of watching the project break through it’s funding goals and skyrocket past them. I like stretch goals, I like backer updates, I like previews and draft versions. It makes me feel involved in the process of getting the games published.

Since January, I’ve backed Kickstarters at higher levels than my entertainment budget for the entire previous yaer. My entertainment budget is typically for books, video games, movies, rpgs, and music. So far, I’ve only backed Kickstarters. The Fate Core Kickstarter was already grown up and ready to go to college by the time I got involved, but the Apotheosis Drive X Kickstarter was a blast. I felt like I was actively contributing, no matter how small of a contribution it may have been. The same for the Spark rpg Kickstarter. And there were still more that I would have backed, like Short Order Heroes, and I want to (if I can) back Trigger Happy.
And I just bumped up my pledge for the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter. I think I need help.

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