Rare Non-Gaming Blog Post

Given that I’ve been going over the same post for nearly the past week, I’m going to jot down a very rare non-gaming post.

In August my 16 year old son Aiden is coming from Indiana to California to live with my 7-year old daughter, my girlfriend, her 6-year old daughter, and I. He’s had a rough road after seven years in Indiana. When things started to go south several years ago, Aiden and his younger brother (and my second child) were actually in California with me for almost a year as I fought unsuccessfully to keep them here. Their return to Indiana was on a legal technicality.

Since their return Aiden has had a very hard time – new stepfather, increasing friction with his mom as he’s grown into a young man, and eventually a couple of poor choices. Some of them are the same poor decisions that virtually every teenage boy makes, but others were driven by some very extenuating circumstances. Aiden’s carried the burden of those choices, taken responsibility, done everything asked of him and grown and matured considerably. In return he’s been effectively shut out by his mother, as have I for having the temerity to support Aiden’s growth and believe in him.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been able to rebuild my relationship with Aiden. It’s bittersweet because being shut out by his mother myself, I’ve been cut off from my other son. Luckily I have wonderful assistance in various agencies in  Indiana that are enabling me to continue to communicate with Aiden, enable his move to California, and also eventually correct the situation with being estranged from his younger brother.

So, last week and this week have been spent communicating with the proper individuals in Indiana, as well as my girlfriend and I searching for a new home here in California. Tomorrow I’m going to look at a very good prospect. Once we secure that, we’ll move on to the next phase of turning it into a home for all of us. Last but not least, come August Aiden will be able to come home.

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