Mid-Year Retrospective

I started out this year with a few goals. The first was to get back into gaming. The second was to start blogging about gaming, because I felt I had things to say. Because of other things taking up my thoughts and time – looking for a new home and working on getting my son out here from Indiana – I think it’s a good idea to kind of look at where I started from and where I’m likely to be going.

After backing the Fate Core Kickstarter in January I wanted to do a couple things. The first was my Tribe 8 conversion to Fate, which turned out really well. There are still a few things that I want to do to polish it up, and I haven’t actually started a game like I wanted. I’m kind of glad though because the Fate System Toolkit just came out and I haven’t had a chance to look at it in detail – but there seem to be things that I’m going to want to change.
I also started cooking up a Thief-inspired setting. I want to revisit it and flesh some things out, because I have some other ideas where to go with it. The same goes for the setting I pitched for Apotheosis Drive X. I left a lot out of what I had written, and for the time being it’s just sitting in my Google Docs folder.
Speaking of ADX, one unexpected turn for me was finding way more Kickstarters that I was interested in than I expected. I kind of went overboard – Fate Core, ADX, the Spark RPG, two Fate Dice Kickstarters, Exalted and Mekton Zero. That’s more game spending than I’ve done in a long time. I don’t regret any of it, but in the upcoming months I need to curb that kind of spending.
Finally, I have some other things I wanted to do. I have a review I promised and I wanted to finish reading the Laundry RPG. There are bound to be other things that catch my interest as well, and I’m sure once I’m not so preoccupied with moving. Who knows, if my son decides to continue playing RPGs maybe I’ll have a guest author on occasion.

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