Revisiting Dixton

Aside from getting a Tribe 8 game going, I have two other things I want to expand on. The first is the setting that I started writing for the #ADX anthology. I had a lot of stuff I chopped out to try to get it down to a reasonable word count, but I’m simply not sure what I want to do with it – just put it out there for my own satisfaction, try to publish it, Kickstart it, I’m completely not sure.

The second was my Dixton setting. It start out as a kind of Thief/Dishonored homage, but it’s settled in my brain worms a bit, and I feel that I want to to shift slightly in theme and tone. Watching shows like Revolution and Defiance have kind of inspired me toward an even more Civil War-era, pseudo pre-Antebellum Southern feel.

That means going more into themes of class division and privilege. I don’t want it to be a social commentary or anything like that, but I’ve never really dealt with this kind of thing in any depth. I definitely don’t want to fall into any traps or cliched stereotypes…I want to handle the problematic subject matter well. I’m assuming that’s going to mean a bit of primary source research, particularly the history of slavery in the British Empire because that is a closer analog to the dominant society in the setting. I’m definitely open to suggestions as to where to start.

The setting currently has one non-human race, the Sia, who are native to the continent where the setting is focused. They were enslaved and then set free. I think I want to move their magic toward something more animistic and visceral, involving blood and pain, but not fall into a, “It’s just like voodoo or Santeria” trap. Things like The Heart from Dishonored would fit right in.

The emphasis will still be on the characters being part of the seedy underworld, as thieves and assassins and fences and crime lords. But there’s going to be some social upheaval in the works. I want Dixton to be a powderkeg, and I think the PCs should be the fuse.

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