Conditions in Fate of Vimary

Conditions are an alternate way of handling stress, introduced in the Fate System Toolkit.

Each condition can be thought of as a pre-defined consequence. Players can choose to soak stress by taking a condition, and the GM can impose a condition if it would make sense from a narrative standpoint. The GM may call for a roll to resist the condition when appropriate. Conditions are treated like aspects and can be invoked and compelled normally.

Conditions are either fleeting, sticky or lasting. Fleeting conditions last until you get a spare chance to recover from them – typically not longer than a scene. Sticky conditions require that an action or event take place to clear them. For example, if your character is dehydrated they need water, or if they are exhausted they need sleep. Lasting conditions require an overcome roll of Great(+4) passive opposition to begin to recover from them.

When you take a condition, you check off the box next to it. Once the box is checked, you can no longer take that condition. For lasting conditions, there are two check marks next to it. When you take a lasting condition as a result of the GM saying you have that condition, you check off both boxes. When someone makes the recovery roll for the lasting condition, you erase the first check box. At the end of the next full session, you can erase the second check box. Characters may have stunts that add additional boxes or even new conditions. High skill levels, such as Physique, do not add more boxes for conditions – instead, they simply mean the character has a better chance of actively resisting a condition if the GM calls for it.

You can take conditions in order to “soak” stress. Fleeting conditions are worth 1 stress and sticky conditions or each box of a lasting condition are worth 2. Note that if you check off one box of a lasting condition to soak stress, that box still will not clear until the end of the next session.

There is one last level of conditions: permanent. Permanent conditions are like extreme consequences in Fate Core. You can soak up to 6 stress when you choose to take a permanent condition. When you check off the box, you must replace one aspect (with the exception of your High Concept) with an aspect that represents the permanent condition. There is no recovery roll for a permanent condition, although at your next major milestone you can rename the aspect to represent some recovery from the condition. At that point you can erase the check box next to the permanent condition.

Here are the conditions that I have settled on for Fate of Vimary:

Winded [Fleeting] ☐
Bruised [Fleeting] ☐
Disoriented [Fleeting] ☐
Frightened [Fleeting] ☐
Exhausted [Sticky] ☐
Famished [Sticky] ☐
Dehydrated [Sticky] ☐
Injured [Lasting] ☐ ☐

Crippled [Permanent] ☐

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