On Occasion, People Truly Amaze Me

I don’t make many non-gaming related posts. Tonight is one of those times.

Marsha (or Marcia, I’m not sure), there isn’t enough thanks in the world for what you did tonight in the grocery store. I had taken my step-daughter to Ralphs to go shopping, the first real grocery trip we’d made since moving into our new place. We had intentionally not gone shopping before moving, and after moving we were waiting until a new stove the landlord bought was delivered. It was finally installed yesterday, so this evening we went out for groceries. It was a really big shopping trip – the cart was overfull and near the end getting harder to push. When I got up to the register, my debit card wouldn’t authorize. Over $330 in groceries, no checkbook, and the only card that I could use wouldn’t work when it should have.
Completely taken off guard, I asked the checker to suspend the order so I could figure out what was going on and he could get on with ringing the people up behind me in line. At the very least I would have called my girlfriend so she could come pay for it.
Marsha, who was behind me in line, offered to pay our bill. I was shocked. I insisted that we didn’t need someone to pay for it, I just needed to figure out why my card wasn’t being authorized. She insisted, firmly, and clearly was not going to take no for an answer. She told me simply to “pay it forward”. I couldn’t thank her enough, and after we had loaded the groceries into the car and driven away I felt like crying.
I did not get her number, or her email address. She was not concerned in any way with being paid back. But Marsha, on the odd chance that you stumble upon this little corner of the Internet, I want you to know that what you did tonight was the pinnacle of what it means to be a human being. I’m not going to lie – after moving, having to buy new furniture and a host of other expenses things were going to be tight this month. Your generosity helped us out tremendously, and I have every intention of paying it forward.

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