Blue Planet Fate: Biomods and Augmentations

+Jacob Poss has taken up the challenge of adapting Blue Planet to Fate Core and asked for some input on how to handle biotech and cybernetics.

There are basically two routes to go with this. The first is to just have the biotech represented by aspects and, when not appropriate stunts. Characters might lose some granularity of picking through a shopping list of mods, particularly the minor ones – they are mostly flavor using this method. The aspects would serve as permissions for doing things covered by the modifications.

The second route is what is seen in Nova Praxis, where essentially each modification does it’s own thing. They aren’t stunts per se, but as Extras each with their own specific effects. Given the nature of Blue Planet, this is the route that I’d go for. Since modifications are so ubiquitous in Blue Planet, I’d give each character a number of modification slots above and beyond the normal freebie stunt slots or refresh. 3 is probably a good starting number. At its most basic, each modification takes a slot. More potent augmentations can cost more than one slot. Additionally, certain biomods (such as Transhumans or Shock Troopers) might lose slots to required modifications.

The Full Monty here is to lift Nova Praxis‘ augmentation system wholesale (and possibly the underlying method for how sleeves work, as least with biomods). This requires assessing an Augmentation Value for each modification from Blue Planet (a number of the existing ones in Nova Praxis would probably work just fine). Characters could start with 3 augmentations, and would use Physique x 2 as the maximum number of augmentations that the character can support.

Whichever method used (straight aspects versus more developed Extras with their own guidelines) depends on the depth that you want the game to have with regards to modifications.

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