Treasure, what is it good for?

I’ve seen a couple of discussions about dealing with treasure in Fate Core, particularly in terms of D&D-style hacks.

I remember when I was a kid playing Basic D&D and later AD&D, by the time our characters reached 10th level they would have mountains of treasure. This isn’t including magic items or other artifacts – I’m just talking about a tally of gp, sp, cp, etc. on the character sheet. We never actually really spent any of it on much of anything. I mean, sure, there was potential expenditures of hirelings, buying new equipment and maybe later on building a castle or something. Regardless, it amounted to mounds of treasure.

Which got me thinking:

What is all of this treasure actually used for, anyway?

So what do you actually use¬†treasure for? How much is too much treasure? How much is too little (from a player’s perspective)? How do you handle the massive economic collapse that happens when adventurers come back from looting sites of historical cultural importance with more wealth than most villages will see in their entire lifetime? Am I just some kind of dirty story gamer for not seeing the appeal in having a huge haul of gold?

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