A Year In Review

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season. It’s been a busy one for me at home and at work, so I have haven’t gotten a lot of blogging done.

It’s been a year since I resurrected (or, more accurately, performed CPR) on this blog. I started out with a bang, by posting about the Vampire: Undeath trainwreck. Since then I’ve been somewhat all over the map as I’ve tried to find some direction. I’ve been moderately successful, sticking mostly to Fate Core topics and commentary on the gaming industry in general.

What I’ve decided to do for this retrospective post is link to the top 10 posts by pageviews. I’m ignoring search labels and links to static pages (even though one in particular dwarfs most of the posts).

10. RPG Realism And Why It’s Crap
9. Post-Apocalypse Exploration “Triangle Tables”
8. Plagiarist Of The Week
7. Things I Hate In RPGs (And Sometimes Gamers)
6. Is Fate Unchallenging?
5. Managing Campaigns With A Large Cast of NPCs
4. Cerberus Gaming Combine Joins A Lofty Cadre…
3. Necessary Selling Points For A Heartbreaker
2. Why Fate Core Is Awesome
1. I’m In A Different Hobby Than Most Gamers

There were some “hot-button” topics in the top 10, but overall if I look at the top 30 I’m pretty satisfied that posts with substance as opposed to sensationalism (which was never really their point in the first place) fill a majority of the slots. But I’d be remiss if I did a review and didn’t mention a few posts that I personally really liked, but didn’t bubble to the top (after all, the top 10 I’ve listed already have high numbers of people having read them).

Humorous (And Horrible) Gaming Experiences – I really enjoyed reliving these oddball happenings.
Ludonarrative Dissonance – Discovering new terms for existing things is always fun.
Non-Protagonist Characters
Gir (And How Awesome Fate Accelerated Is) – It’s Gir.
Your Character Knows More Than You Do
Recursion In RPGs – Because, recursion.

In the meantime, there have been several Kickstarters come and go. I have my physical Fate Core books, my Fate dice, and I’m ready (in spirit at least) to start up a couple of games. I’ve started preliminary work on a fantasy setting using Fate Core, which I will be documenting as I go (and hopefully I’ll have the first set of posts on mapping up next week). Hopefully, this year will be as fulfilling as the last!

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