Short Order Heroes

I first became aware of the Short Order Heroes Kickstarter shortly after I started getting more involved on Google+, since +Jesse Butler had somehow made his way into my RPG Circle (and, at the time, he was local to me – although we never had a chance to meet in person). I thought it was a really awesome idea, but it came about at a time I really couldn’t sink any more money into Kickstarters. The Kickstarter was really successful, and I always thought that the cards would be super useful and liked the style of the art.

Now, he’s running a contest to give away a set to someone who posts about it and what they’d do with it. This is my entry. First off, I’d give it a proper review, which would include inflicting it on my girls as a stand-alone game. I’d probably even post their opinions (or even a video of us playing). Next, I’d use them to help generating NPCs for a couple of Fate games that I’m planning and I’d probably post them here. Finally, I’d do my darndest to get to Gamex or Gateway (whichever one Mr. Butler can get to) and thank him personally.

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