A Complete An Utter Lack of Motivation

I have been struck with a lack of wanting to pretty much do anything. It’s an unshakable ennui regarding virtually everything. It’s infested pretty much everything, from work to other projects that I know I want to do or activities I enjoy. I started replaying Thief: Deadly Shadows after finishing the first two, and found that I really couldn’t get into it. It crashes whenever I try to move into one of the areas I need to get into…and I have zero interest in trying to fix it. I have a Tribe 8 game that I’m trying to prepare for, and which I want to start regardless, but I can’t bring myself to finish the prep work. There’s a ton of personal matters I need to attend to, but I’m just not getting around to them. I already know some of those things are contributing to my listlessness. I’m kind of slouching toward a time in the near future that a lot of things hanging over my head will be resolved, and hopefully that will help me break out of this.

In the meantime, I’m not sure how exactly to shake it aside from forcing myself to work on various things – which knowing me will backfire. So, I figured I’d list the things that I really wanted to do but just can’t give two shits about right now:
  • Fate Core (but possibly FAE) Thief-inspired fantasy world.  Seeing a lot of similarities between what I was planning in Will Hindmarch’s excellent looking Project: Dark doesn’t help motivate me, even though I know that it’s not going to kill my project.
  • The science-fiction setting I pitched for ADX.
  • A Silhouette-like retroclone system, possibly for a re-imagining of a Solar System-based setting with mecha.
  • A Fate Core adaptation of The Laundry.
  • Coming up with something for Onyx Path’s writer’s submissions.
Maybe I just need to take a couple mental health days, sleep a lot, reinstall Dishonored, and find some inspiration somewhere.

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