Well, I Can Find One Thing To Be Motivated About: Grouchiness!

There was a thread on that one forum asking if Evil Hat was having trouble printing things or publishing things or doing stuff. I got dressed down for my response being “rude”, because my response was basically, “Two products that seem to have fallen by the wayside haven’t had any recent updates…so? There’s all this other shit going on.” After which, a few people chime in with wonderment about how anything gets written with all of +Fred Hicks‘ G+ posts, or that dice must be time consuming. I predict (given my last response to +Michael Moceri) that things will get silly quickly.

My grouchiness with the subject of the thread wasn’t really the title (“What’s Up With Evil Hat?”) or the wording (having “trouble” putting out products), despite how I worded my own response. Of course the post was totally non-controversial and just an innocent question and apparently OP can’t Google. My grouchiness is over the fact a lot of the time, gamers can’t just accept that sometimes their favoritest most-bated-breath-waiting product will never see the light of day or isn’t the biggest priority for the publisher.

Now, maybe I’m spoiled – I used to be a Palladium player, and do you know how long I waited for the Old Kingdom book to come out? For PFRP 1st-fucking-edition? So long that I hadn’t even thought about it until just now. Waiting a couple extra months for Atomic Robo is a walk in the park by comparison. I can understand queries about the status of products. I can understand – given the Kickstarter failures out there – wanting to know how something is doing that is now five months late and the creator decided that they needed to clear their head by going to Nepal or something.

Maybe I’m overreacting as the nerd-rage in me builds and gives me a false sense of the motivation and energy I’ve been lacking lately (I bet it’s going to be hell to come down from…I might wind up listening to The Smiths on repeat for maybe 15 whole minutes). For a moment though, let’s suppose that Evil Hat just up and decided to drop both products the poster was inquiring about completely (it was the Paranet Papers and Atomic Robo, by the way). Not saying that this would happen, or this is what is happening (because honestly I don’t know and I’m not going to ask). Now let’s suppose that those two products were put into the pipeline at the time because they were the best choice, given the company’s success at that time. Then all of a sudden, the company is catapulted into a new level of success by a super-successful Kickstarter and whole new avenues of potential product lines open up including new books, board games, dice sets, cards, etc. Then throw in some hiccups that would throw a project off its Gantt chart even without any of the the other stuff going on, and we have an understandable situation where a couple products could slip under the radar.

Not that nay of this is anybody’s business but theirs, but given they’re firing on all cylinders otherwise – it’s certainly not an indication of “trouble.” Come back and ask again when they’ve gone the route of DP9.

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