What was the first roleplaying game other than D&D you played?

So, I just found out about the non-D&D March blog challenge. This one might be quite a bit more relevant to me.

The first rpg that I played other than D&D was Star Frontiers. Technically it was the third rpg I owned, since I was given the Traveller boxed set shortly before I got my hands on Star Frontiers. This was back when you could get rpgs at Toys ‘R Us, which is likely where I got mine. Oddly enough at the same time there was a Sears Outlet close by my parent’s house that also had rpgs – I remember seeing Universe and Lords of Creation there at one point – so it may have come from there.

It was the Eighties…this was considered exciting

I grew up on a cul-de-sac with a handful of kids that had lived there their entire lives. My parents moved in just after the condominiums were built, and I was young enough to not remember the previous place we lived. All of our families knew one another, and I had made my best friend when I was five years old – Richie – who was also the one that I taught D&D to.

Then there was Melissa Broadway. Her and her dad were relative newcomers to the neighborhood. I don’t think the sisters that lived next door, Missy and Heidi, liked her very much. But I was in love with Melissa from the first time I saw her. She was lanky and tomboyish, with dark hair, and we got into all kinds of trouble together. We played action figures, she played a game called “kingdom” with Richie and I where we each had a “kingdom” with borders and a ruler and an army, we got into dirt clod fights at the construction sites nearby, heck I think I even played dolls and “house” with her. We also played Star Frontiers.

I remember playing it with just her and also with Richie, but I can’t quite remember the characters. I want to say that Richie’s character was a dralasite, while Melissa had a Yazarian. I know that we played through the published modules – while I created and stocked a lot of dungeons for D&D, Star Frontiers was off the beaten path enough that I never considered creating my own adventures for it. Because of that, Melissa moving away a year or two later, and starting to get into Traveller, we stopped playing Star Frontiers once we go through the published modules.

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