This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Or, Heaven Forbid I Have An Opinon)

Apparently, I simply can’t win. After being raked over the coals for saying sometimes Roll20 can be a pain – I wrote a “ridiculous slant” against Fantasy Grounds for…it not being what I want in a VTT? For just mentioning some things that put me off from it?

The restraint I had to exercise to keep from using memes in this post damn near killed me. I wasn’t even going to post anything about it but the temptation was too great…I just can’t let some things slide. It’s not all a waste though. From the critique we get a remarkably accurate picture of me:

1) As a database engineer, as opposed to a software engineer, apparently I’m not willing to roll up my sleeves to “make things work”. I’m just too used to things working the first time I guess, because that’s how I engineer them myself.

2) Apparently my lack of interest in paying money for something that has a large number of features I won’t use – and, in fact, would need to put a lot of work into having the features I do need (like a Fate Core rules set at the most, and Fate Dice at least) – is not grasping the fact that I could just ignore those features. There’s no feeling like paying money for something I won’t get full utility out of.

3) Speaking of which, I’m a cheapskate because I consider $136 total to use Fantasy Grounds for a group of four players plus GM to be a “substantial outlay”. Sure, only $40 of it would be mine. I’d still have to impress on my players the need to shell out their own $24 each just to be able to play. That’s a mere 2400% increase over the cost of playing on Roll20, to get access to a bunch of features I as the GM won’t even implement. A bargain if I ever heard of one.

4) I like looking things up in rule books instead of playing tabletop role playing games. Oh, how I’m not a true roleplayer for the liking of Roll20!

But in all seriousness, I’d like to point out something that is slightly askew about the linked forum discussion.

One poster mentions Fantasy Grounds 3 as streamlining a bunch of things and eliminating some need for creating formulas. Great! Except the download page for the trial is for Fantasy Grounds 2, which is the version that I tried (I believe) a few years ago. Which comes with a D&D 3.5 demo campaign – a game that I don’t even play. There is not a mention anywhere on their Store page or product page that the current version is 3. Apparently FG 3 is a free upgrade – but I had to go to the Steam forums to read a muddled discussion to find that out.

Finally, my intention was never to slam Fantasy Grounds (or Roll20, for that matter). It was to express my impressions, and my initial opinion, from my venture into using a VTT. Did I do a lot of research before my two posts? Nope, only what I needed to refresh my memory. I’m not a journalist and I’m not running a newspaper. This is a personal blog, with personal opinions, observations, experiences, etc. I’m not always on the mark, and I’ll own it when it turns out to be justified that I’m not. But please make no mistake that I’ll stand by – and back up – my opinions when I am.

Edited to add: Getting your unmentionables in a twist because someone doesn’t like your favorite whatever is absolutely the best way to get them to change their mind.

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