Gamex Was A Blast

My son and I went to Gamex on Saturday and, despite not having a real plan for what we were going to do there, had a great time. Even if I really want to burn by boots in a fire and then shovel the ashes into a toilet. I love those boots, I do, but never again to something like that.

You are pretty, and big, and stompy. And my feet hate you.

First, mad props to everyone at the convention. +Jim Sandoval has done an outstanding job coordinating the rpg-related events and I owe him something as yet undetermined. I got to at least say Hi to several people, including +Caoimhe Ora Snow+Mark Strecker , his brother Michael, and a couple others whose names I can’t remember their names in my sleep deprived state. We missed our friend Devi and his wife Heather somehow, but that wasn’t for lack of looking.

We played in the Artemis simulation which was absolutely awesome. Visited the dealer room a few times, and I picked up a copy of +Jesse Butler‘s Short Order Heroes (finally) and dead tree copies of Fate Accelerated for myself and my son. We also played a pick-up game of a card game called Smashup that was really fun. We spent too much time wandering around because I found the layout of the hotel to be extremely confusing, and it took longer to get lunch and dinner than we had figured it would.

But the gem of the day was +Josh Roby‘s Vimaryville. It was my first time participating in anything Tribe 8-related as a player. It was my son’s first time playing an organized, non-D&D roleplaying game. I was joined by +James Forest (see, it was not a LARP), +Chris Czerniak (who it was awesome meeting and playing with you), and the lovely +Meghann Robern (who discovered the real reason the Fallen can’t get anything done – their leaders are idiots).

I won’t spoil too much of the actual plot, but suffice it to say that Josh is a craftsmen. He used Cortex+, which I had no experience with but now want to track down some version of, and set up the relationships between the the pregen PCs masterfully. The characters were all “named” characters from the core rulebook – so we had Altara Ven (James), Deus (Chris), Mek the Jacker (Aiden), Veruka the Wraith (Meghann), and Hal Ninva (me), with Troy Fenys and Khymber Reva as NPCs. The relationship mechanics helped each of us really get a grasp for how our characters would interact with the others. Everyone was really into it – my son took a bit to get a feel for Mek and roleplaying in general, and there were some times when a few characters got more spotlight time than the others (although Deus may have solved it by, literally, by saying, “Oooh, spotlight!”). I discovered that Veruka was a bit more Betty White than I had imagined; Deus proved that poets can be dicks; Altara is one whose feelings shouldn’t be trifled with; and of course Hal Ninva is Tera Sheban to the core. Oh, and Troy Fenys is a dangerous, violent psychopath but that wasn’t a big suprise. The whole thing ended in what amounted to an impromptu stage-show in the Cage that was probably only missing Kanye.

So, all in all it was a very good con with a lot of fun all around. We missed out on a few Fate events due to lack of planning and Sunday and Monday I was basically wiped out from a combination of my being tired, my feet being jacked, and on Monday just feeling like crap. I wish we could have stayed a little longer at BarCon, but it was great meeting some cool new people. With a baby on the way in September I don’t know if we’ll make Gateway, but we’re making tentative plans to bring the whole family to OrcCon.

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