Why Do People Want To Stick Non-Humans In Everything?

So recently on the Dream Pod 9 forum I saw a thread titled “HG Needs Aliens.”

The reasoning for this is, apparently, that when you want to add something into a game the answer is:

You knew that was coming…right?

Now, I like games with the non-humans as much as the next guy. I get that people like things that are novel or different or have a “kewl” factor. I think they have their place. But for the love of Crom, they don’t need to be in everything. Some settings, particularly science fiction settings (but this is just as true for fantasy or anything else), do just fine without them. Humanity already has such a huge range of variety and uniqueness. A well-realized setting – like Terra Nova – is missing aliens because it was a conscious design choice. They were a color that wasn’t used when Terra Nova was painted (metaphorically speaking). Unless you were some post-modern artist, you wouldn’t just go splashing fuchsia paint all over the Mona Lesa would you?

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