The Intersection of Ingress

So aside from having a baby in September – which actually made August extremely busy as we bought things, cleaned the house, and had various appointments and whatnot – in July I started playing Ingress.

I really should say no more.

Those Control Fields don’t just create themselves

I’m not sure which G+’er got me onto this hamster wheel, but whoever it was they are totally to blame. It might have been +Topher Gerkey or +Eric Franklin. I blame both, even if they don’t play Ingress.

So far it has been a fun, and time consuming, ride. But unlike say running an rpg or writing about rpgs, Ingress fits in with the new lifestyle of having a baby. It’s keeping me active (I’ve lost over 20 lbs), and honestly if I’m sitting down and I’m not at work, I will fall asleep. Guaranteed. It also has lead me to have a better understanding of my home town and surrounding area. I know where everything is around here now.

I am finally finding myself slowing down a little bit though. Ingress hasn’t lost it’s shine, although honestly the badge requirements for levelling make it seem unlikely I’ll ever get beyond level 12 or so anytime in the near future. I’m not going to retire per se from playing Ingress, but as newer players level up in my area and step up to take on the mantle of squashing toad portals every chance they get it allows me to turn my sights on to bigger things. Ops, large fields, exploring interesting new places. I’m going to get a mountain bike and hopefully a rack for it, and become one of those bike Ingressers pedalling along the multitude of trails that criss cross the foothills and mountains around me. I can see those portals lurking up there in the mountains, and I want to find them and hack them.

Finally, aside from taking time away from my roleplaying activities, blogging, etc., I think my time playing Ingress has been extremely worth it. I’ve made some great new friends and become part of the awesome Resistance team down here in south Orange County. In many ways, the community is a lot like the tabletop community. There are really interesting people, a few jerkstores, and overall a bunch of cool folk. The cost of some extra gas money and wear and tear on my car has been totally worth it for the experiences.

Tomorrow is Ingress First Saturday, and our event is in Irvine. I’ll be there, so if you’re local and play or are just curious, be sure to swing on by.

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