Reconnecting Is Harder Than It Sounds

So, I’ve been kind of away for a while. Physically, mentally and in other ways.

In the span of time since I’ve gone somewhat MIA, my youngest is on the verge of starting to walk and my oldest has graduated high school and is striking on his own. I’ve lost close to 30 pounds, solely due to increased activity from playing Ingress. I’ve met a ton of great people, participated in some cool activities and seen parts of my local area I didn’t even know existed.

But I recently got the itch to reconnect with my life-long friend and hobby of roleplaying. So I started looking at my G+ feed again (which, honestly, is full of a lot of awesome), glancing at my RSS subscriptions, and generally trying to scope out the new hotness from the past year. Anything that will spark my interest and get my brain juices flowing. Surely, there’s been some cool stuff happening.

This time, I’m not finding a whole lot to get my roleplaying engine revving. The Mekton Zero Kickstarter still hasn’t delivered. Neither has Exalted 3e. I logged into RPG.Net, skimmed through the posts, and closed the browser window. Not much interesting going on there either. Even my old foils (which will remain nameless) that could provide at least some comedy material are slacking.

Now it seems like reconnecting with rpgs is going to take a little more work than I thought. So I figured that I’d open this up to my fellow gamers: what are you really excited about or looking forward to? What’s the latest and greatest that’s going on? Any special projects, stuff that is a must read? Maybe I’ll find some inspiration in somebody else’s excitement.

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