Some first impressions of Blades in The Dark

We took a little impromptu camping trip this weekend, so I was able to spend a bit more time reading Blades in the Dark. 

When we go camping, we put everyone to work
tldr; I love Blades.
As a side note, I came to some realizations about this. First, this is set in the same world as Ghost Lines, which is super awesome. Second, someone somewhere told me about Blades last year before the Kickstarter. But, third, I somehow at the time got it confused with Project:Dark, the similar but ill-fated game that was Kickstarted like three years ago. 
Blades succeeds fantastically at delivering a Thief or Dishonored experience. Aside from aspirations to adapt Tribe 8 to every game I find I like, I really want to play in the world. It hits all of the points, and has a really cool atmosphere. But at the same time, it’s not over detailed. There are plenty of blanks to fill in, and numerous opportunities.
But, even better, I can see the possibilities for tweaking the game to adapt Tribe 8 to it (what, were you expecting anything else?). Much as Fate was kind of an eye-opener in terms of possibilities in expanding themes and highlighting facets of the setting, Blades is doing the same thing. Crews, holdings…these things offer some new elements to explore within Vimary.
I’m looking forward to finishing the book and maybe getting a vanilla game together.

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