Me, MeWe, and the G+ diaspora

Like a lot of G+ users who were actually using G+, the announcement that by mid-next year the platform would be shut down left quite a quandary. Where would I take my social media presence? Facebook I generally reserve for friends and family, and I’ve found the gaming discussions there to not be as satisfying as what I’d found on G+. Twitter just really isn’t my thing. So that meant setting off to explore the other offerings out there.

I’ve set up on MeWe, Pluspora, Cake, and a few other sites. I tried Minds before MeWe and due to the necessity of paying to get rid of seeing “boosted” posts – which at best don’t interest me and at worst are all kinds of alt-right garbage – I abandoned it quickly.

Just because of the initial momentum MeWe gained I foresee I’m going to be using it some. My biggest concern is that the platform is another walled garden and is likely to either change their freemium strategy or fail outright. The mere presence of alt-right users does not bother me so much that I won’t use it at all, but it does make me want to keep it at arm’s length. Like many have pointed out, toxic elements are everywhere, and on the surface at least MeWe gives the superficial tools to keep them out of my space. If MeWe does go out of its way to become a haven for the alt-right – which judging from their previous efforts to attract groups that have been “censored” by Facebook, et al is definitely a possibility – I’ll reevaluate and leave the platform. Fortunately, it won’t be that hard to leave if I’m not that invested in it.

Otherwise, nothing else I’m finding has the features or the critical mass. At some point maybe they will. Cake is interesting, but it is based off topics vs people. There’s no following of profiles, no communities, no collections. When you follow a topic, you see all posts on that topic. You can flag, mute or ignore a poster – but I was only able to find that by going to the conversations within a topic. Pluspora lets you follow people, but otherwise everything is organized by hashtag – and you can’t edit posts or comments. Those seem to be my two front-runners at the moment though.

Finally, there’s blogging. Google+ stood in for shorter form blogging (“microblogging” I guess) for me for a long time. Rather than write a short blog post, I’d post to G+. When I had something I wanted to say that was longer, or I wanted to format it, or I desired more permanence, I’d write a blog post. With taking up blogging again, that means most of my presence on the other social media platforms will be just to announce new blog posts.

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