It’s Been A Year?!

Decided I wanted to write a blog post, and realized it’s been an entire year since my last post. So instead, maybe a little review?

Early last year, I got a fool notion in my head that it might be possible to reboot the Tribe 8 rpg. I made some calls, posted some posts, and ran a little survey to see if more than five people even cared. The results were encouraging, and it looked like it would be possible. I even found some poor souls people willing to help.

I already knew that I would want a new edition to be a more narrative-focused rpg. I’ve run it myself in three versions of Fate, and I already knew someone had run a Forged in the Dark version. I also thought of Josh Roby’s excellent Vimaryville one-shot at a con a few years ago. At the time I had no experience with Cortex beyond that game, but it worked so well in Josh’s hands I decided to look into it. The feedback I got from asking around was really positive (from none other than Cam Banks). I jumped wholeheartedly into working on an adaptation with the intent of pursuing the license.

Long story short, various wrenches got thrown in the gears from a couple different directions – but didn’t kill it. I ran a number of one shots locally with the embryonic rules I had, and refined those into what would become the one shots that I took to Big Bad Con with me in October. Those events seemed really successful. I met and played with some amazing people (EriktheBearik, Morgan Ellis, Sophie Lagace and others), and got great feedback. It proved out that Tribe 8 shines when run under Cortex. I came home with some new enthusiasm and ideas to improve things.

I’ve been refining and adding more things since, with an increasing eye toward replicating the original metaplot but in a more emergent, less rail-roady structure. I’m planning on starting an ongoing game to playtest. In the meantime, some of the wrenches will probably soon be removed. As you can guess, Fandom’s purchase of Cortex – is one of those wrenches.

I’m also going to try really hard to update this thing more than once a year…

Image result for blog update meme

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