It’s Prime Day!

No, not that Prime Day. Cortex Prime day. Backers of the Cortex Prime Kickstarter should (provided it goes according to plan) be receiving their copy of the print-candidate PDF. If you haven’t seen the preview of the intro chapter, now’s a good time to go take a look.

To celebrate, here’s what the latest version of my Cortex Tribe 8 sheet looks like. I haven’t posted much about the development we’ve put into this over the past year, but there have been several iterations. This version is a departure from what I ran at Big Bad Con, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get it into play sooner rather than later. Cortex Prime getting delivered is a step closer toward the possibility of this becoming “real”. Even if it doesn’t, the experiences, skills, and friends I’ve picked up along the way have made it more than worth it.

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