So Busy…

I’ve been meaning to continue updating regularly… and I have a lot to write about, that’s for sure. It’s just things have been really busy. The project I’m one of the leads on at work is gaining more and more attention (and importance) – and we’re heading into the last six weeks before delivery. I finished the draft of my Cortex confab entry. I’ve also been prepping for a Blades in the Dark game with some old high school buddies. And of course still putting some time into Tribe 8.

Roll20 BitD setup. It’s not fancy but I like it

My confab entry was an intentional push outside of my comfort zone designing. Not the subject matter per se, but the intended pacing and theme of the game. The premise is that each PC is actually a self aware, largely self-sustaining war machine, like an OGRE or a BOLO. The last of your kind, you’ve decided to call a truce with the others to find out what got you to this point, if you really did kill everyone on the planet, and what you might be able to do about it. The game is divided between using semi-autonomous drones to explore the blasted remains of the world to make discoveries, and a virtual world where the digital personas of the machines can meet to do more research and investigation (this virtual world is itself a mystery to be solved). It still needs some polish and changes after the feedback I received, but I’m really proud of it and looking forward to sharing it.

Don’t even ask how many hit points you have.
Image credit:

On the Tribe 8 front, I’m still doing some development and very much looking forward to playing it, but I’m re-evaluating a number of things. It’s very likely that having to tap the brakes on it this past year was a good thing, regardless of what comes out of it.

Finally, my character concept was chosen for the #CortexWithCam contest. The Hammerheads setting – one of the three included in Cortex Prime – is really cool. The disaster response theme offers so many alternatives to just explosions and shoot ’em ups. My character is the police dog handler, and I’m really excited to get into that role even for a one shot.

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