The Homebrew of Doom

Most roleplayers I know like to see how things tick, meaning that a sizable portion of them have tried their hands at homebrewing their own system. It’s like a rite of passage for gamers. I started pretty young. Prior to discovering RPGs I used to make little board games out of poster board and construction […]

Character Death

I’ve decided that I have missed out on the fun of the archived RPGBA Blog Carnival topics, so I’m going back in time and tackling each one. Having a defined topic helps keep my writing wheels turning, provided that I feed the hamsters. I’ve never been really big on player characters dying in my games. […]

Campaigns I’d Like To Run: Last Resort Poseidon

Poseidon, 2203. After years of tension between the GEO, Incorporates and Natives, it appears that full-out civil war is about to break out on Poseidon. The Sierra Nueva War has dragged on for close to a decade in one of the bloodiest insurgencies since Earth dragged itself out of the collapse. Hanover Industries has succeeded […]