Temporary Conditions

In a Fate Core game that uses conditions, temporary conditions are a compromise to make up for the lack of more flexible consequences. They aren’t temporary in the same sense as fleeting conditions are – they just aren’t part of the permanent condition list.Temporary conditions are categorized just like regular conditions as fleeting, sticky or […]

Why Use Conditions?

I realized I kind of jumped the gun when I posted my tweaks for Fate Core conditions so I’m going to talk about my thought process for deciding to use them. First off, I like consequences a whole lot. And stress tracks. They’re hands down one of my favorite “damage mechanics” of any game. In […]

Conditions in Fate of Vimary

Conditions are an alternate way of handling stress, introduced in the Fate System Toolkit. Each condition can be thought of as a pre-defined consequence. Players can choose to soak stress by taking a condition, and the GM can impose a condition if it would make sense from a narrative standpoint. The GM may call for […]