Plot Stress and the Metaplot

Now that I have finished with the effort of pretty much completing my conversion document, I can now turn my attention to some factors that actually have to do with playing. While there are some people that might argue this point, the metaplot is one of Tribe 8’s strong points. There is a treasure trove […]

Descriptive Wounds

This was originally written by Edwyn Kumar for Rusted Sky. It is also a decent reference for Consequences in Strands of Fate. Combat will, no doubt, be a part of everyone’s Cycles in some shape or form. Here’s a few suggestions for Weavers and players to make it so the standard cliché wounds and injuries […]

Sample Physical Consequences

Silhouette uses wound levels, so a number of years ago Edwyn Kumar came up with a list of descriptions for various wounds. I’ve resurrected the list and split them into suggested categories for physical Consequences. Minor Bit Tongue Blood In Eyes Foot Stomped On Headache Loose Teeth Ringing Ears Ripped Fingernail Skinned Knee Stiff Neck […]