Found Some Hidden Treasure

I reinstalled Evernote on my phone last night to take a look at its ability to search handwriting in an image and I discovered a note from several years ago regarding the magic system for my setting. It’s kind of a testament to how my brain latches on to concepts and recycles them without me […]

Magic in Cradle: Wrapping It Up

Finally, I’m going to hone what I came up with in the previous posts. Not really wrapping any mechanics around it just yet, since I really want to have a basic understanding of how magic works as I continue plugging away at the overall worldbuilding. The study of magic in Cradle is commonly called arcanology, […]

Magic in Cradle (via Aria): Fundamentals

In this post I’ll be stepping through the Omnessence Fundamental section of Chapter 3. Basically, it’s just defining what actually using Torchstone looks and feels like, and what it’s capable of. This is a pretty jargon heavy chapter (what isn’t in Aria?), but I’m using more generic terms unless I’m directly referencing some concept unique to Aria. The first part of […]

Magic in Cradle (via Aria): Origin

In Aria, an Origin is simply a source of magic or powers or whatnot. There are as many combinations as there are settings, from single sources (such as Cradle) to more complicated arrangements as seen in many fantasy rpgs with divine magic; magic magic; elemental magic; etc. The foundation of the Origin is four basic […]

Sources of Magic in Cradle, Part I

I have a love of symbols and logos, and that extends to runes, sigils, glyphs, circles, and wards. I also love geomantic magic such as ley lines, places of power, etc. Diabolists and Summoners from the Palladium Fantasy rpg were one of my favorite magic using classes. I had a magic system that I developed […]

Current Stuff and Things

Aside from starting to get a Roll20 Blades in the Dark game together, I have a handful of other things I’ve been pecking away at for the past year (or more in some cases). I don’t really have a priority on these things, as I kind of flit between them in slower moments at work […]